Get Ready

Disaster Professionals No.1 rule:

Be prepared to survive for at least 72 hours in our homes. Get Ready Cover

The Get Ready Marin Disaster Preparedness Program a 2 hour class offered online and throughout Marin is designed to fill three important needs, making it as easy as possible for a household to become prepared for a disaster. These needs are:

  1. Disaster Survival Knowledge
    We have developed a two-hour training course that includes a take-home manual. At the conclusion you’ll know what to do before, during and after a regional disaster.
  2. Emergency Equipment and Supplies
    We will provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble an emergency supply kit or you can purchase a ready-made kit at the training session.
  3. Food and Water to Last Three Days
    The size of this emergency reserve is determined by the number of people in your household. We’ll provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble your own or you can purchase ready-made modules.

For more information go to the Get Ready Marin Website: For classes in San Rafael you can also call 415-458-5002 or email They prefer you organize a meeting for your neighborhood for a simple two hour class. But you can also take this class online individually.